1. Okra Soup


  2. Fresh Cut Mango


  3. Banku with Grilled Tilapia and some green and red pepper Yummy ;). Bought at a local food spot in Ghana.


  4. Cooked Plantain with Kontomire Stew, Avocados/Pear, Crab and Snail   


  5. Kenkey with Crab and Kpakpo Shito


  6. Kenkey with shrimp, squid, clams and black pepper


  7. yaa Tvmissyaa:

    How to prepare Savory Ginger Root Goat

    (Source: yaatv)


  8. Fufu and Light Soup with cow foot, okra,  crab, mushrooms, dried fish, and lamb


  9. More Omotuo (Rice balls) with Groundnut and Palmnut soup with beans and lots of goat meat 


  10. Fried Rice with Beef Liver