1. Okra Soup


  2. Fresh Cut Mango


  3. Banku with Grilled Tilapia and some green and red pepper Yummy ;). Bought at a local food spot in Ghana.


  4. Cooked Plantain with Kontomire Stew, Avocados/Pear, Crab and Snail   


  5. Kenkey with Crab and Kpakpo Shito


  6. Kenkey with shrimp, squid, clams and black pepper


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    Brand new food tutorial video: How to prepare baked lobster, steamed clams and crab


  8. Pasta and wine, calm setting 


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    How to prepare Savory Ginger Root Goat

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    International Pasta
    By Loso’s Kitchen

    Yaa Tv 

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